Entry #1

BAM! I'm back NG! :)

2008-09-22 14:53:46 by BretMcNee

Hello Newgrounds!

After four+ years I am finally back. What is there to say after being gone so long? Well, I mean I still would watch NG at least once a week over those 4+ years... I just did not do any art. But yes, it was not the same...

I don't have an excuse. I guess I got into gaming more? College took over? I really don't know... But the important thing is: I am back, and ready to contribute to NG once again.

So. I used to be known as the artist "BawWatZer." I was never SUPER popular, but I had a little fan base, and they liked most of my work. I have decided to start fresh on my return. New account name, with some new work... I guess I am starting "semi-fresh." I have decided to delete the work off of my old account, and re-submit it here on my new one. I thought it would be a nice tribute to my return. Just to see how my work is recieved once again. (I am not changing a thing.)

Anyways, enough talk... Back to the drawing board! Take care NG, cya soon.



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2009-06-23 22:09:42

Welcome back.